My name is Alexandra. I’m a multi-potentialite nomad, dedicated to creating a career that combines my many passions all while exploring the world. I’ll use this blog to document my travels and the different ways you can combine your passions to make an alternative career.

So what is a multi-potentialite? A multi-potentialite is a person who has multiple interests and more often than not, careers. A multi-potentialite is not a specialist and struggles with the idea of fulfilling her/his “one true calling.”

Still confused? Watch this video:

Here are some of my interests in no particular order: Traveling, film, comedy, teaching, drawing, wine, learning languages, feminism, health + wellness, astrology, life style design, hiking, singing, veganism, cooking, entrepreneurism, journalism, and finally the healing and psychic arts.

Here are some of my previous jobs: film director, video editor, cinematographer, copywriter, social media manager, English teacher, photographer, photo retoucher, marketing assistant, wine saleswoman, building manager, administrative assistant, waitress, canvasser.

In the past I’ve lived years without combining any of these interests. There have even been days where I didn’t get to do one thing on this list. It was sad.

Now I’m starting a new saga in my life where I create different scenarios where I can pursue multiple interests at a time. I want to show the world it can be done!

Current situation: Working full-time as a medical writer, traveling locally in the northeast United States, becoming a gym rat, participating in weekly filmmaking and vegan groups, working on a new documentary project about life without social media. On a side note, I’m also paying off my debt, which is a dream I’ve had for a long time.