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December 10 / / travel

You hate your job, your relationship is draining you, or maybe you’re just bored. You feel like you’ve been in the same situation for way too long, and you’ve gotten to this terrible point where you don’t even feel you have the energy anymore to do anything about it. Even if you did have the energy, you don’t know what to do. There are so many options, you’re totally confused. All you know is that NOTHING sounds good right now. Nothing except running the fuck away.

The minute you tell people you need to “get away from it all’ and travel, their usual comeback is that you’re running away from your problems rather than dealing with them. In some cases this is true. Sometimes we know that we’re being wussies. We should just break up with so and so, or apply for a better job, and that petting elephants in Thailand won’t really change that fact, it’ll just delay things from getting better.
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October 20 / / travel

I am sitting in a price fix vegetarian restaurant waiting for my lunch on a sunny day in Innsbruck, Austria. I wasn’t supposed to be here today sipping on this tasty glass of Chardonnay. I was supposed to be hiking to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaraia. Hell, I wasn’t even supposed to be in Austria, and as it turns out, now I may not be going to the castle at all during this trip. A year ago, this would have bothered me immensely and I may have been fussing over it all day long. But today things are different and I made a choice. Though I know I will visit the castle someday, at this point in my trip I can’t take any more huge tourist sites, especially for the money it costs to get from Innsbruck to the Castle. Past dissapointments helped me to make this decision and I believe I chose wisely. Because what’s most important is that you’re doing something you enjoy, and right now I enjoy taking it easy with a glass of Chardonnay.

Managing disappointment, or wanderbust as I like to call it, is something you have to learn early on during a big international trip. You’ve spent years fantasizing about the famous destinations you’re going to visit. Looking at these pictures of far off places on your screen, you imagine how happy you’d be if you saw them in real life. However, as soon as you hit the road and spend days upon days seeing some of the world’s greatest sites (or whatever it is on your bucket list), you begin to realize that nothing will ever prepare you for how you’re actually going to feel at the moment you witness all these things in person. And sometimes, in spite of how beautiful the sites are, you get a bit of wanderbust. Nothing is quite as awesome as you expected, and you feel hollow inside for not having some sort of grand epithany when you looked out on that mountain. You feel guilty that you can’t stop focusing on how claustrophobic you feel amongst the three thousand other people bumping against you taking a picture of the very same thing. But rather than acknowledging that the situation makes you cringe you try to fool yourself into believing you’re having a good time. You should be able to get over these feelings. Think positive. You’re lucky to be here seeing these beautiful things!

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September 20 / / love

It’s no secret that meeting, befriending, and sometimes fucking new people is an adventure in itself when you travel. People are more open, and since time is of the essence, no one feels the need to hold back. In travel, we are free from our conventional lives and maintaining the appearance of them. But sometimes a rendezvous on the road seems like it could be something more than just a quick shag in the hay. At least it did for me.

As new friends come easily on the road, so too do life lessons. During my recent excursions in France, I learned more about the flawed inter-workings of my love life over a weekend than I have in the last ten plus years or so of dating. I realized that despite all my attempts to be independent and free from the material world, I still clung to the idea that I need to find a man, fall in love, and get married.
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September 16 / / blog