September 20 / / love

It’s no secret that meeting, befriending, and sometimes fucking new people is an adventure in itself when you travel. People are more open, and since time is of the essence, no one feels the need to hold back. In travel, we are free from our conventional lives and maintaining the appearance of them. But sometimes a rendezvous on the road seems like it could be something more than just a quick shag in the hay. At least it did for me.

As new friends come easily on the road, so too do life lessons. During my recent excursions in France, I learned more about the flawed inter-workings of my love life over a weekend than I have in the last ten plus years or so of dating. I realized that despite all my attempts to be independent and free from the material world, I still clung to the idea that I need to find a man, fall in love, and get married.
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